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    View real time envelopes and lfo waves
Each device setting has been timed down to the millisecond to draw all time related parameters on a precise time graph.It is then very easy to synchronize elements, for example having the vibrato start exactly when the filter envelope reaches its sustain stage.
    Explore undocumented device settings
You can now push some parameters beyond the official limits and create sounds unheard on those devices.
    Finally name these patches
UniSynth introduces a smart workaround to let you name patches. Now you can see patch names of the DW-8000 or the Matrix 1000 instead of boring numbers.
    Generate instrument definition for Sonar™
With UniSynth, updating the master.ins file of Sonar to have current patch names available in the track view is just one clic away.
    Play while editing
UniSynth lets you define input devices. All midi events will be routed to the currently edited device. You can now play on a midi master keyboard while editing your expander sounds.
    Really use the devices\' "Edit buffer" feature
With device that have a temporary memory location know as "Edit buffer", you can load full banks of patch just to audition each one of them. No device memory will be overwritten until you decide to keep a specific bank of patch.
    Full Sysex compatible
Files generated by UniSynth are pure System Exclusive midi codes. You can transmit them directly to the device from your Daw or share them with your friends.
Bank sysex will include all auxilliary sysex commands to transmit the data, assign it to memory locations and save it.
    Tested with real hardware
Quite often, the device specification or the onboard software have errors. Some settings are inverted, misplaced or do not respond to remote commands. It is why every device parameter is tested with UniSynth on the real hadware to make sure it works as expected. Errors are corrected or routines are modified to really control these "unreachable" parameters.
    Intelligent randomize function
Other softwares will blindly generate random parameter values, giving 95% of unusable sounds... UniSynth uses non-linear random function tuned up for each parameter, then it further corrects random values to produce only settings compatible with each other. With UniSynth, 50% of the randomly generated sounds are directly usable with no or little editing.
    Developped with modern tools and technics
UniSynth is developped in C# for Microsoft .Net platform 3.5. This complies with latest Windows operating systems and allows natural evolution of product for the next decade.

Korg DW-8000 
+ EX-8000
Yamaha DX11 
+ TX81Z
Yamaha DX21 
+ DX27 + DX100